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only Collection From Arabian oud in one collection contain : Only White by Arabian Oud, The color of peace and quietness. A pleasure feeling of This fragrance that is characterized by a rich layer with a smell of Orange Blossoms refreshing with a layer of Musk and Coconut .. based on the smell of Cardamom and Sandalwood to be the calmest and most focused person. Only Blue by Arabian Oud, A distinctive and elegant fragrance with its blue color and its special layers that consist of Green Apples, Cloves with Orange Blossoms, Lavender, ending with a layer of Tunka and Leathery smell to be more elegant and special. Only Pink by Arabian Oud, Softness and Elegancy, And a luxurious feeling, with an elegantly shaped bottle brings a layer of flowers, pemogrenade then continues with a fresh scent of Lemon and Jasmine Flower, to increase its sense with Musk and Sandalwood for a more refined character. only black by arabian oud Pachuli & Lemon This elegant and attractive fragrance is characterized by a layer of mint and jasmine, ending with a layer of sandalwood and musk.,Western,Unisex

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