Novel: Simple way to Mars

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Author: Sandy Times Translator: Younes Ben Amara “Sickness means a lack of life, but some of these shortcomings do not have to happen. The majority of patients I follow, it seems to me, whatever their injuries and special problems, manage to live not only in spite of their conditions, but probably because of their presence, but More than that: because of the advantages that such cases create. So here are seven tales of nature - and the human spirit - as they meet each other in unexpected ways. The people whose stories are told in this book have been visited by various neurological conditions such as Tourette's syndrome, autism, amnesia and total color blindness. They embody these conditions, and they are "cases" in the traditional medical sense, but at the same time they are special people, each representing and (in a self-made form) their own world. These are the stories of survivors, surviving through change, sometimes radical change, these survivors/cases surviving thanks to the amazing (but sometimes dangerous) forces of reconstruction and adaptation that we possess. In the first books I wrote about the “preservation” of the self, and to a lesser extent, the “loss” of the self, among neurological disorders. I came to think that these expressions are very simplified, and that there is no loss or preservation of identity in some cases, but instead there is an adaptation, even a total transformation, to the point of a complete radical transformation of the brain and “reality”. The study of disease requires the clinician to study the identity, or inner worlds, that patients create by stimulating disease. But the reality of these patients, or the ways in which they and their brains construct their own worlds, cannot be clearly understood by observing their behavior or observing them from the outside. In addition to the objective methodology of the world, the natural world, we must also employ a common subjective methodology, leaping, as Foucault wrote, “into the consciousness of the patient, to try to see the sick world through the eyes of the patient himself.”

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