Book: The first step

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"Author :Translated Anthology The translator :Mohamed Diop Are you bored of routine job and want to pursue your passion and interest in the work that you love? Do you suspect of unemployment with you made dozens of posts and did not accept it? Are you looking for an additional source of income besides your job? Are you looking for freedom at work in terms of time and place and quests? Do you want to get rid of your city, and become the master of yourself? Have you ever tried to convince someone with your experience and your skills and succeed? What use to be the best person in your field, and no one knows it? If you are looking for any of the above then you are on the right way, this book teaches you the basics of marketing skills and free the language of simple, easy, understandable and far from complex and difficult cases. It also contains tips and observations compiled from the experience of years in marketing and entrepreneurship put between your hands to be increased to you since the beginning of the road since you missteps and pitfalls that occurred in transit before me."

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