Novel: Marianela

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"Author :Benito Pérez Galdós The translator :Ahmed Magdy In the moment that sends you much someone to see it after that you are blind, describe to you the life, the details of the country in which you live, the ways of its rugged pathways and narrow; they are in love..without being aware of the details of everyone no attention, first by force, so unspeakable, and all operations over don't pick up. a real eye! But.. how will things be different if I went back photoreceptors, and I saw with my own eyes you didn't see him with your heart?! Will the outcome be one! Do you take other effects into account to cover your feelings?! Marianela.. humanitarian cases in which the deep, words of requests for more than 100 years, and become immortal; because the novel that prove that humans are no different since the era of their first, and even inherit God's Earth and everything on it!"

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