Book: Pandemic ! SGRF - 19 shakes the world

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"Author :Slavoj Zizek The translator :Saleh Al-Khuzaim While sweeping the planet a global pandemic like we have never seen before, who can design reveal a deeper sense only philosopher Slovenian stiffened always Slavoj Zizek Wandering Zizek to marvel at its contradictions perplexing, speculate on the depth of the face, all this in a way that will make you sweating profusely and panting We live in the moment become the greatest acts of love is staying away from all of the love the moment that stopped the government in which the expenditures enormous to provide trillions of a sudden the moment that turned the occasion of its water into a precious commodity Calama, and the moment by Ray Zizek will see the birth of a new kind of communism to become our only way out to avoid falling down in the Berber world "

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