Book: Memories lost

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"Author :Abdullah Al-Busais Memories of the lost work of fiction realistic drafted world, starts when he decides the author of this story, send a message to Abdullah glimmer through the social networking tweet in the name of tormentor and the message take a picture showing a group of stray dogs and asked the tormentor of the narrative interview is necessary, after a number of tweets pressing decided glimmer to meet him, so he asked the last publication of the story: this story I am, my true story, I wrote it as free memory, the nature of the participation of people it is relieves me torment my like a heavy weight on the shoulders of one man and wants help to be of them.... These ferries began officer Salman tells a story, don't know where to start. That was two years ago when he came in contact of a sudden captain Salman, come to the station quickly, sir, we caught on the saw, he swore that he sawthat the legendary thief that has confounded the Ministry of the interior, and I worry the top officials of stealing his, the other more each mystery driving burglary... signed! Many stations waiting for us, about the life of this officer, who hated the same as never hated anything before, in the moment between life and death, we must remember the human said.. I remembered all the faces terrified that slapped her here, all the blood that flowed from the noses and mouths, I mentioned with my fist that does not hesitate and do not relent in front of sitting on this chair, whatever... is an accident made from Salman Live account of his life and to ask, to become closer to his presence and what he wants is not what he wants her as his.. What is this that I wore it, What is this garbage that I am of them, fuck no, fuck me... Memories Lost is a black comedy, you know the falsity of the self, and its ability to keep the customers company without you knowing, proving where Abdullah glimmer of a rare talent to read the reality of the world and frameworks authoritarian tools cheap in gratitude to the dignity of the individual, and the examinations of life... it's a novel All deep and get rid of the element of surprise."

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