Book: Constitutional oversight of international treaties

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Book: Constitutional Supervision of International Treaties Author: Mohamed El-Sayed Hegazy Year of Publication: 2022 Specialization: International Law Publishing House: University Thought House About the book: The importance of the subject in general lies in how to provide adequate protection for the principle of supremacy of the constitution, on the basis that constitutional texts are Expressing the will of the peoples, and wasting this will in favor of the texts of the international treaty is a clear derogation of this will that contradicts what the peoples agreed upon regarding these texts, which must be respected and not unfair to them after they have lowered them to the highest legal levels within the state, in addition to the violation of the international treaty after its conclusion It arranges the responsibility of the state before the international community in general, by losing confidence in it internationally, and in particular it arranges obligations before it in the face of its other parties, so the treaties and their consequent obligations must be respected.In particular, this study reveals the constitutional organization of the oversight of international treaties in a way that practically and procedurally guarantees the principle of the supremacy of the constitution in terms of formal and objective terms in order to ensure the stability of the internal legal system, and to avoid economic, political and social problems internally and externally, as well as how to develop constitutional solutions that prevent conflict between The texts of the international treaty and all domestic legislation, and on top of it the constitutional texts.

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