French fragrant oud perfume

85 RS

French Oud is perfect for special occasions when you want to create a sophisticated and aromatic atmosphere. With a blend of precious notes, this aromatic incense will last for hours and leave behind an elegant trail of classic notes. Also, Oudh Al-Maattar is a complex blend of French perfumes that provide a pleasant scent and neutralize body odors. For those looking for a more intense scent. To refresh the room or office. Specifications of French Oud perfume: Product Type: Perfumed Oud Product Classification: Dukhoon Target group: Everyone Usage: home Brand: Al Tarish Perfumes Weight: 50 grams Perfume ingredients: Top notes: vanilla notes - spices Heart notes: spicy notes - cedarwood Perfume base: amber notes - rosewood Features of French perfumed oud: Experience the exotic sensual scent of French Oud. This luxurious fragrance combines a deep and woody base of roses, with a touch of vanilla notes, amber and rosewood. Perfumed Oud has a unique and attractive scent that is sure to captivate the senses. Perfect for romantic evenings or any special occasion, the scented French Oud is sure to tickle your nose and leave you feeling relaxed and content.

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Store : Hajar Al Abdul Salam Product Status : availabe Available Quantity : 10 Pieces