vintage patchouli

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Khmer Body Patchouli Perfume is an antique product that has been used for centuries to create a fragrant and inviting scent. It is made from high stability fermentation and comes in convenient sizes. This product can be used on both hair and skin, making it versatile and packed with benefits. Its unique scent makes it the perfect addition to any home or beauty routine. Vintage specifications for the patchouli body: Product classification: wines Target group: women Size: 30 ml Product ingredients: patchouli and rosewood Features of Khamria Patchouli: It has a rich scent that will add unique warmth to any place. This luxurious fragrance is known for its essential and calming effects on the mind, body and soul. Vinegar for the body The scent of patchouli is known to reduce stress and aid relaxation. This fragrance is ideal for creating a relaxing atmosphere in your home or office. Let the warm notes of this luxurious fragrance fill your space with its unique scent. Enjoy the calming effects of vintage patchouli and create a serene atmosphere in which to unwind. Read more

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