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Musk and Rose perfume from the Perfume Collection, consisting of 3 bottles and a must-have for all perfume lovers. This set contains three classic scents, all of which provide an attractive and distinctive scent. Suitable for use with bedding and clothing. Specifications of musk rose perfume: Product Type: Collection Product classification: packages Volume: 300 ml Number of packages: 3 packages Usage: Suitable for use with bedding - clothing Brand: Al Tarish Perfumes Perfume ingredients: Callie: Top notes: bergamot - pear - mint - lavender - lemon. Heart notes: cinnamon - sage - caraway. Perfume base: black vanilla peel - amber - cedar - patchouli Valley: Rose - Patchouli - Mandarin - Musk - Vanilla - Jasmine Bali: from lavender - jasmine - white musk - amber. Features of the perfume collection: Experience a luxurious scent with this collection of Musk and Rose perfume. This set of fragrances is perfect for special occasions or everyday use. Fragrance sets with notes of musk, rose, vanilla, and jasmine, these scents will leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated. The light and subtle fragrances will make you feel proud while still feeling completely comfortable. Whether you're looking for something subtle or bold, this collection has something for everyone. Read more

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