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A Hungarian delegation to the glamorous Venice, aiming to shed light on the family of the most famous bishop, Gellért, and find out the truth about the legends surrounding this mysterious character. The delegation is headed by the experienced Sebe. The story of a young man's journey to Venice relates primarily to investigation and investigation. The wise old man examined the present and the past, the mosaic of Venice and its characters, the number of frauds he found, the murder cases, and the mysterious signs that he had to decipher. His body obeys him less and less, but his tireless spirit conjures up the past and the present with equal clarity and force. It examines the true legend of Gallert that occupied the world at the time, and still dominates the minds of many, despite the passage of hundreds of years. In the end, a young man with his extraordinary genius is able to learn a lot about Gallert, being able to solve a group of mysteries surrounding his personality, and the tricks that the people of Venice were up to. Eva Banke - just as in her first successful novel - questions the past this time too, a researcher, a rememberer, a reconstructor of events, a teller of stories and a ruler of myths in a unique style.

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