Cambodian anointing royalty

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Cambodian Kings Cambodian Oud Oil You bring down beauty from beauty for your beauty. Your beauty is more beautiful than the other! Cambodian oud oil Al-Muluk, one of the types of Cambodian oud oil and the most expensive. From its name, it is intended for heads and thin figures. It is not just oud oil, it is the legend of the most beautiful oils, the Cambodian oud oil of kings. Specifications of Cambodian Kings Royal Cambodian Oud - the legend and most beautiful of ointments - has an ancient, incense and earthy aromatic scent. Its flavor lasts for long hours and is distinguished when applied to Cambodian kings. It increases in elegance and grandeur if repeated by breaking the oud. This luxurious flavor was chosen by oud experts and has the presence of royalty and sheikhs.

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