Maknooz Perfume

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Maknooz perfume Maknooz perfume is the best oriental perfume 2021 Maknooz perfume is one of the wonderful oriental perfumes that combines the fragrance of the past and the present in one wonderful mixture. It takes you to a world of beautiful memories and makes you feel that time has stopped. Features of Maknooz Oriental perfume A fragrance of oriental authenticity and Gulf luxury It is characterized by its attractive and pungent scent at the same time Lasts for long times Through a questionnaire conducted on this perfume, everyone agreed on its elegance and the beauty of its scent You can never do without it, especially on important and crowded occasions The scent of Maknooz Oriental perfume The scent of oriental mukhalat and a mixture of musk and luxurious patchouli, distilled with saffron and oud Your perfume character: attractive Family: Oriental Fragrance type: Suitable for unisex Capacity: 100 ml

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Store : Abyat alotour Product Status : availabe Available Quantity : 10 Pieces