Book: The art of public address

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"Author :Translated Anthology The translator :Basil Hussein How to talk to the audience? The operation has become a challenge to the large crowd of people something important and necessary in our time, the current playing media and social networking is very prominent role. Therefore the challenge to the people is no longer something arbitrary or being how the in developed societies and the business environment, you need to convince people if you want to promote your product or even your idea! In a job interview or a promotion or even for Professor University, all of these need to control techniques in front of the public as they need the ability to persuade and attract the listener. All of these requirements created by the rhythm of life in our current age, we can assembled in the so-called Art of public address, this process is discovered on the side of great art and for good measure, we have collected in this book The main lines of which anyone needs to be speaking successful."

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