Book: Criminal Protection of Digital Works

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Book: Criminal Protection of Digital Works Author: Saad Atef Abdel-Muttalib Hussein Year of Publication: 2019 Specialization: Electronic Law Publishing House: University Thought House About the book: The information revolution constitutes a dangerous phenomenon that exceeds in its nature the industrial revolution, and society has undergone changes as a result of that. Information is currently the main source of all activities of an economic nature, so it is valuable and considered closely related to life. Therefore, it is the criminal protection of digital works (a comparative study), at the level of national criminal legislation and also at the level of international and regional treaties, and that the subject of our study is compound in the sense It is a study of a national legal nature and of an international legal nature, but we will examine the subject in all its aspects in order to see whether national or international criminal laws have achieved criminal protection, what criminal justice requires and the means to ensure that protection, and the extent of this protection

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