Book: Judicial interpretation of the legal rules applicable to international private disputes

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Book: Judicial Interpretation of the Legal Rules Applicable to International Private Disputes Author: Ibrahim Fikry Obada Year of Publication: 2022 Specialization: International Law Publishing House: University Thought House About the book: The importance of interpretation appears in the field of international commercial contracts, as these international contracts created a reality Harsh in which the contract is not only a tool of cooperation, but rather a weapon that makes it possible to control the weak party, and the interpretation of the national judge of the internal contract does not raise any problems because it is subject to one legal system, unlike the international contract and its association with many different legal systems and thus it is through interpretation and verification From the psychology of the parties achieves economic balance in the contractual relationship.And if the subject of interpretation is one of the important subjects in domestic law in general, then the matter is more important and accurate if the interpretation is related to private international law and the rules of international trade, because relations with a foreign element are in a state of continuous development, and commercial and economic life is in progress and requires Interpretation, and interpretation has a clear importance, whether it is theoretical or practical.

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