Black frankincense perfume - unisex

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Sandalwood perfume is a perfect blend of very distinctive fragrances. It's a modern, heavy scent, featuring sage, blackcurrant, and peony at the top of its aromatic pyramid, with jasmine, lily-of-the-valley, iris, ylang-ylang, and apricot in the middle. And the bottom of the fragrance comes from musk, cedarwood, amber, vanilla, and sandalwood. This fragrance is suitable for both men and women. Specifications of sandalwood perfume - black frankincense: Product Type: Black Gum Perfume Product classification: unisex perfumes Volume: 100 ml Target group: men and women Brand: Al Tarish Perfumes Perfume ingredients: Top notes: sage flower - black grapes - peony flower Heart notes: jasmine - lily of the valley - iris - ylang-ylang - apricot Perfume base: musk - cedar wood - amber - vanilla - sandalwood Characteristics of black frankincense perfume: Experience the captivating scent of Black Frankincense. This aromatic blend is designed to stimulate the senses and evoke feelings of relaxation and calm. With its distinctive ingredients, this fragrance is perfect for any occasion. The distinctive fragrance will linger on your clothes for hours, leaving you feeling fresh and energized. It is an ideal choice for those who are looking for a unique scent.

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