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Crown Majesty Perfume Crown Majesty, the scent of princes and kings. Crown Majesty perfume is not just an ordinary perfume, it is a fragrance designed for kings and princes. Some rush to obtain it and request it by name, due to the luxurious scent that emanates from it and its profound impact on those who wear it. Luxurious features of Crown Majesty Perfume: - A fragrance at the height of luxury - Gives you perfect elegance and an attractive appearance - Definitely makes you stand out and will attract attention to you with your great and formal scent - It is characterized by its fresh and sophisticated flavor, which will leave a wonderful impression when you are present and when you are absent Scent of Crown Majesty Perfume: - Scent of woods, musk, and oud blended with the natural patchouli and cardamom flavors The scent of princes and sheikhs without a doubt Fragrance notes: - Top notes: Woods, orange, herbs - Heart notes: Lavender, cardamom, vanilla - Base notes: Musk, patchouli, oud Your fragrance personality: Luxury Family: Woody Perfume type: Unisex Volume : 100 ml

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